The Last few days have been full of some hard work. Thursday I had to do some work at home and then I went with im_back_alan to his church to run some wiring for the new wing they are adding on. (No it won't be able to fly, so sorry for those of you who think that would be cool.)
Friday I got up at 5 to be at work by 6 and actually I got done early and got someone to take over for me today so I didn't have to go in today. Then when I got home yesterday I had to work on our deck and some other stuff I don't remember what.
But, to day was so fun I had to go up to the neighbors to throw hay. I got to go into the hot haymow and throw it around. (I didn't get my tan I was hoping for so I am mad.) Then when I got home I showered and started tearing our front deck off. Then swam and continued and swam some more. Now we are missing about a third of our deck which is nice to see. And tomorrow will probably be more work.

Sorry for those of you who did read this, I won't do it often I swear.
P.S. Tell me about your jobs around the house I actually like to hear about what is goin' on in other peoples lives.