So, here's the problems I had with Transformers (spoilers ahead, turn back now, queers):

- Story went from interesting to far too cheesy.
- Transformers personalities were lame, you'd think with such a small amount introduced you'd take just another minute or two to develop one or two of them.
- The high school bully at the beginning. Are people really still acting like Johnny from the Kobra Kais? When are we gonna lose this obviously cliche stereotype?
- When Jazz died, I didn't really care. Aren't we supposed to care? Cuz I sure didn't. Which brings us back to point #2.
- Effects, as cool as most were, were too fast to follow at times. I'm finding this to be a trend now, and also beginning to call it a cop out. Don't really feel like making a huge effects scene? Make it too fast to really view, and people will just assume they're watching something awesome.
- The scene in the bedroom looking for the glasses with the Autobots outside, far too long. It went from humorous to old pretty quick. I'm assuming Sam Raimi edited that scene.
- Before the movie I jokingly said to the people I was going with "If the phrase 'more than meets the eye' is used, I'm walking out". I was pretty pissed when I had to walk out 20 minutes into the movie. (I didn't really walk out, but you get what I'm saying.)
- Fans of the cartoon didn't like the naming of some of the 'formers, this didn't bother me so much, only that with the exception of like 3, they were all introduced once with names, and I had forgotten all the names by the time any of it mattered. Who was fighting who, who was winning, what just happened, which one is that, were question I found myself lost in by the time that final battle came around. Hell, I didn't even know it was Jazz until someone had to tell me.
- I was told there was going to be tension between Megatron and Starscream, which was a constant in the show, and a wonderful one at that. With the exception of the line "You have failed me for the last time, Starscream", there was no tension. There was only Starscream kicking serious ass.
- John Turturro's character.

There were good things about the movie:
- Shia LaBeouf held the fort as a lead exceptionally well, and I wish him tremendous success in the future.
- Peter Cullen voiced Optimus. That was huge.
- Starscream kicked serious ass.
- John Turturro's character.

Going to see Die Hard tonight. If this lets me down, I'm quitting movies and just watching Snatch and Grosse Pointe Blank everyday for the rest of my life.