Ok. Now that the punctuation generator is back online, relax one and all and be calm in the knowledge that you might be able to understand me better.
To paraphrase a rather famous tv person (whose name escapes me but who was on Father Ted once):
"I don't believe it!!"
7 darn months since I updated a journal on here - now I know that once a month is bad enough, but for flag's sake, where have I been?
Playing games, buying a motorbike, splitting up with the girlfriend, watching p0rn, as well as the usual excretions one must do on a daily (if not weekly) basis, which also includes sleeping and eating (I must add - lest you think I look like that guy from the film The Machinist).
Speaking of which, did you know that Christian Bale fed himself on only tuna to get the totally emaciated look!? Man, I wonder how long it took him to do that.. and how long it took him to get back to his normal self - dang, imagine him trying to put on the batman suit like that, he'd slip thru the neck part and fly out one of the trouser legs!