So last month I asked around the shop for anyone to go skydiving with and everyone was either broke or scared. Planned ahead and try again for today. Got a few people to say yes, and few no's, and a few maybes. Most turned into no in the end. But I got three people to go with me this morning. The weather was cloudy and just a little overcast. So we went up on the same plane and because of the clouds couldn't really see any of the island. Then came the jump pure bliss of free falling just like the first time. If you've ever thought about trying it, or even if you haven't, it's something you must do at least once. We jumped at 13,000 feet I think, and being that high up it was cold. Also being that high up, we were above the clouds, and everything was clear. So that meant when we went down we went through the clouds. If you've ever wondered what a cloud felt like, I can tell you right now. It felt like icy shards of freezing rain. I went from cold to FUCKING SHIT IT'S COLD! Of course I'd do it again though. Had a blast.

Still lonely as hell. Which is weird, because I've been hanging out a lot lately with people from work. I even tried going to a bar of sorts last night. I was bored out of my skull. It was actually a really good enviroment, but I was with a couple that left me feeling like the 5th wheel. And the other two that came with us ran off to their friends. I tried hanging around and finally said fuck it and played Tetris on my cell. At this point I know I'm screwed. At least I can say I tried it now. No, I didn't drink. I don't drink because it has no appeal to me. But I've tried the hanging out thing at their house a few times with most of the people from work that I get along with and I just sit there. Listening to people talk with nothing to say. I fucking hate it. So here I sit. In Hawaii hating life. Same as last week and the week before.