I have decided to start my own comic series with me and all of my friends from RT (mainly from the ATS thread). I will post the first one whenever I get a chance.

I need all of the people mentioned above, i.e. Churcheswife, Confuzzled, Kalvaza, etc., to pick a color for their spartan. So do that in the form of a comment.

Remember, my friends get first dibs. I will leave this journal entry here until Wednesday. smiley0.gif

Brown = Asbo
Red = Ptath
Orange = Noirakita
Dark Green = WB_Spartan
Pink = Woo_HA27
Purple = DocRossin
Blue = Kalvaza
Light Blue = Churcheswife
Maroon = Michygeary
Yellow = Confuzzled
Black = Gympy
White = TrixR4Kids
Grey = Killerman

Now all colors will not be used on one comic so you will be in one eventualy.

Ok, all of the colors are taken so the comic will be done on Wednesday or Thursday! smiley0.gif