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I really wished I had a working camera this weekend. My friend Severn and I planned a full scale assault on low hanging hornet nest in the maple tree in his yard. We discovered the nest while playing volleyball, while none of us were stung, we were chased by a swarm of angry bees.
We waited until the cover of night and then conducted some tests using various flammable household products. Did you know some Suave brand hair sprays do not burn? I inserted 2 sticks of "water dynamite" firecrackers into the opening of the nest (it was one of those gray paper nests) and then ducked and covered as the bees became very pissed off. We waited a few minutes and then coated the outer layer of the nest with fingernail polish remover (which unlike Suave hair spray, is very flammable).
I had created a torch using a long rolled up newspaper (it was about 2 feet long) and coated the end of that in the nail polish remover as well. We readied a can of very flammable spray glue and then lit the torch. I wielded the paper torch while Severn used the glue as a blowtorch and we successfully set that nest ablaze (as well as part of the tree).
We then took the liberty of launching some fireworks (which are illegal in our state) under the nest (they were secured to the ground so they could not fly into the sky), and then ran away. The simmering nest was then blasted with a lovely display of glittering destruction......three separate times (yeah, I know it was over-kill, but it was fun smiley0.gif ). All that remained was the base comb that was still filled with the wriggling larva.......which we finished off with the blowtorch method.......which also set the tree on fire again for a short period of time.
Next time we're hoping to use fountain style fireworks, as they are much easier to work with and are slightly less dangerous smiley6.gif .