Well just got off of work. Another fantastic day -_- Anyhow that midterm for Art history (the one I didn’t really study for) went really well o.O I got an A- sweet. Go me!

One of the leaders of a club I’m a part of hunted me down today because I missed a meeting… that was weird. Apparently I’m in charge of decorations for the haunted house the club is doing. O.o I didn’t even know we’re doing a haunted house. oh well it should be fun I guess.

Well work was hell like usual. Oh and I had the strangest phone call today at work… and this is how it went
“Aztec five may I help you?’
“What who is this?â€Â
“Er Aztec five theaterâ€Â
“What who?’
“………Aztec fiveâ€Â
“Oh no dear you got the wrong phone numberâ€Â
“………. But I didn’t call you….â€Â
“Ummm bye†click
Had to be one of the weirdest calls yet. Well that’s it for today. later
Quote of the Day- “Jesus Christ! Why does that hotdog look infected?!â€Â