This is a conversation I had with my girlfriend about my birthday.

Lstar1881 (6:47:58 PM): hmm, what am i going to get you for a gift...

XCalibur508 (6:48:34 PM): god, i have no idea...

Lstar1881 (6:48:33 PM): you're no help

XCalibur508 (6:49:06 PM): im sorry

XCalibur508 (6:50:58 PM): o wow, i didnt know harry potter 7 already come out this
week...damn, that was quick (this line I purposely wrote to drop a hint)

Lstar1881 (6:51:50 PM): o my gosh, really? i completely forgot about it

XCalibur508 (6:52:15 PM): i know, me too

Lstar1881 (6:53:00 PM): gah, now i have to get it... ha! i'll get you a copy for your birthday!
you didn't pre-order, right?

XCalibur508 (6:53:38 PM): no, i didnt

Lstar1881 (6:53:33 PM): ok, don't buy it!

XCalibur508 (6:54:00 PM): fine, i wont

XCalibur508 (6:54:14 PM): but you think you can get it release day?

Lstar1881 (6:54:29 PM): yea sure, totally. i can get it

XCalibur508 (6:54:57 PM): alright

Lstar1881 (6:54:55 PM): sweet, that was easy (...apparently to her my hint was extremely subtle...)

I just found it kinda funny, so i posted it here