(Sorry about disappearing for a bit there, I was out of town.)

Every year, a few friends and I volunteer to work at this haunted house run by one of the community colleges and we like working there for a few reasons. One, the haunted house is in an old warehouse(It used to be a Home Depot-type store). Two, we have total freedom to pick whatever we want for our section room-thing. Three, I love scaring the crap out of people.
The year before last (2005), we decided to be zombies. I was walking into the warehouse, when I heard these middle schoolers, who thought that they were "gangstas" and were talking shit about the haunted house. So, after getting ready I told my friends about the group of idiots, we agreed that we should scare the crap out of them. When the group got to our room, which was covered in body parts, fake blood, and the like, three of my friends started to walk towards them making zombie sounds. The group had backed up to the edge of the walkway, right into where my other friend and I were standing.
There's something very satisfying about hearing a group of kids scream and cry like it was real.