smiley9.gif This may sound silly, but no one in australia seems to know of him. Who hear has heard of John Wayne Gacy Jr.? Reasoning is, i heard a song on nip/tuck, called that, so i did some reaserch, which, while heightening my fear of clowns ten-fold, also made me feel kinda sad.

smiley9.gif Got myself a cool pair of kicks that i felt like showing off.

smiley9.gif nip/tuck is now on the list of favourite shows. smiley9.gif By the way, you should download the song. its very good.

smiley9.gif TDK trailer looks wild.

smiley9.gif Nath, You're SH chapter was pro.

smiley9.gif I got the Banky Hat. bigsmile.png

And thats about it. i'll be here. bigsmile.png

P.S. I miss erik.