Well this sucks. I seem to have lost the ability to paste. I copied my whole journal to word to spell check and now it's gone. That sucks. Won't let me paste anything in Yahoo either... think I'll reboot after I finish this. Let me try again.

They've been moving around a lot of the personnel at work this past week, I was one of them. I got moved from the morning shift(0500-1300) to the afternoon shift(1100-1900). So now instead of going to bed at 2100 and getting up at 0345, I go to bed around midnight and get up between 8 and 9. It's weird. I think I'm getting to much sleep. It might take a while to figure out the right time to get up and go to bed. Had a mock PRT today, that's the push up, sit up, and 1.5 mile run test. Was worried about my run time as always, but I passed, much to my extreme relief.

Been watching the new season of Eureka, I'm enjoying it. Been getting back into Atlantis, haven't really watched either Stargate since I finished the last seasons back in February. Yes, I watched them ahead of the USA, so what. Got the DVD of SG1 season 10, now I have every season on DVD. Waiting for Atlantis season 3 DVD to be released though. That and Doctor Who season 3. Can't wait for season 4 of Atlantis. Doctor Who is still a ways off.

Got Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last weekend. I reread book 6 during the week and had just seen movie 5, so I had a nice refresher. Went out at midnight and picked it up from Wal-Mart. I was in and out in ten minutes. I pity you people that stood in line for four or more hours. Started it at 0030 on Saturday and read until I couldn't focus anymore. Played LIVE with a friend in an attempt to wake up, didn't work. Passed out for a few hours and then finished it about 0130 Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The movie will never do it justice. Highlight the first comment for details on the book. Spoilers and all that.