Chapter one of Sonic the Hedgehog Meets the Gang life is complete!!! Y'all better appreciate it! I stayed up all night working on it! lol i hope you enjoy it. well, here it is!

Sonic the Hedgehog Meets the Gang Life
Chapter One: The Beginning

It was a day like any other on the streets of New York. People were walking casually to their destinations, cars hurrying through traffic, and the towering skyscrapers casting a feeling of enclosure. One thing stood out though: a young electric-blue hedgehog by the name of Sonic. His eleventh birthday was today, and he was waiting for his mom to come home after another day of job-hunting. His family was poor, so he wasn’t expecting a birthday gift, but instead just a nice warm hug with along with her saying “Happy birthday Sonic. I love you so much son.â€Â
While waiting on the front porch steps, he received a friendly greeting from his neighbor. “Hi Sonic! Happy birthday!†said Amy Rose, the bright pink hedgehog who lived next door to Sonic. Unbeknownst to each other, they loved the other so much, although Amy clearly showed it more than Sonic. “Oh, hey Amy.†said Sonic, with a bit of bashfulness in his voice. Amy was walking toward the porch steps where Sonic was. As she came closer, Sonic rose up from the steps on which he sat, and gave Amy a hug. As Amy let go of Sonic, she gave him a small kiss on the cheek, causing the blue hedgehog to blush a little.
“Where’s your mom?†asked Amy.
“I dunno. She should be back by now.†replied Sonic.
“Oh. Well tell her I said hi. And I’m gonna say it again; Happy birthday Sonic!â€Â
“Thanks again Amy.â€Â
Before she left, she gave Sonic one last birthday kiss, this time catching him off guard and kissing him on the lips. She smiled at him as she left his house porch. As Sonic watched her skip to her house, he sat back down on the steps and went into deep thought.
“If only I could tell her how much I love her. It’s clearly obvious she loves me; especially after all she’s done. But the question is, how and when should I tell her?†as he sat thinking, he thought he heard his mom pull up to the house. It was actually an old Cadillac filled with people tuning into the radio, apparently trying to find a good station.
“Gangsters.†whispered Sonic as he sat watching them. He then remembered his father, who left him and his mother when he was only a few months old. He left them, Sonic’s family, to join the gang life, one thing Sonic will never forgive him for. He then tried to identify the members in the car, trying to see if one of them was his dad. He found a rather large man with a round pink nose along with a long, scruffy mustache in the front seat, although he couldn’t identify the driver or the backseat passengers. He saw the car move, but he heard another noise as well; his mom just came home. The car accelerated, but slowed toward his house. He tried to warn his mom about the Cadillac full of gangsters, but it was too late. He could only watch in horror as the large man with the mustache shot down his mother.
He hurried next door to Amy’s house, using his magnificent running skills. After Amy
opened the door, she was about to greet Sonic before she was interrupted by his frantic pleading to call 911.
“Oh hey Sonic, I just â€"“
“I need to call 911! NOW! My mom’s just been killed in a drive-by, and I need to call the police immediately!â€Â
As Sonic rushed to find the Roses’s phone, Amy still stood at the doorway, her mouth gaping with sadness and horror. As Sonic got off the phone, she gave him a hug unlike any other hug Sonic received before.
“Come to my room.†She whispered in his ear. “I have a surprise for you.â€Â
Curious to see what it was, he obeyed and followed her to her room. As he entered her room, the first thing that caught his eye was the inside of her closet door. Apparently she accidentally forgot to close it, and on the inside of the closet door was an entire collage of pictures of him and Amy. As he took a quick glance around the room, he noticed her room was electric-blue. He noticed her mirror was shaped like a rose, and one the mirror he saw yet another picture of him. Amy then approached him with a small box and said “Happy Birthday Sonic. I really hope you like my gift.â€Â

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