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Part 3

On the way home Hayai thought of all the possibilities that could bring his brother back.... but none of them didn’t require him running away from the village. Despite what the adults thought, he had caught the dejected pause after he mentioned going after Dokuga. He walked down the street in silence and glum, until his father did something unexpected. He lifted the young boy up onto his shoulders and carried him home this way. This made Hayai know...that he would never...EVER leave his family, or friends. And he made a vow right then and there that he would bring Dokuga home.

The next morning he visited the only man who had ever truly experienced his family being destroyed...

“Inuzuka Hayai, eh?†spat the ninja at the gates of the Konoha High-Security Prison District (constructed shortly after the new Hokage was inducted).

“Yes sir, I’m here to see someone...†responded Hayai quickly and awkwardly.

“You really think it’s that easy brat?†the ninja retorted hatefully, making Hayai wonder what he ever did to make this ninja so furious.

“Well...no sir...but I was hoping-†Hayai began before being ended prematurely.

“Listen, listen...my name is Botsuzen, and I’m willing to let you see one person...on one condition,†the man spoke with a newly found kindness, “that condition is...that you must give this present to my daughter!â€Â

“What?!†said Hayai, dumbfounded that this man could have a wife...much less a daughter.

“Yes, today is her birthday...but I’m on guard duty all day and won’t get to see her...if you do this for me you can see any prisoner you want!†replied Botsuzen in a puling tone.

“Ok, I’ll do it.†Hayai responded promptly, afraid the angry Botsuzen would come back if he said no.

“Great!†and with that Botsuzen went on to explain where he lived and handed over a small doll of a neko (kitty), to add to his daughter’s collection.

“Now for my end of the deal, I want to see a specific person...just...to talk and get some insight.†Hayai torpidly responded, staring off into space.

“Ok then kid, which one is he.†said Botsuzen turning towards the interior of the prison.

“Well...he’s...Uchiha Sasuke...†said Hayai, speeding up when speaking the name.

“What was that, I didn’t quite-,†Botsuzen began to respond before realizing what Hayai had spoken, “Uchiha? You said...Uchiha...â€Â

“Well, yes...I needed to talk to him...just a little bit...and ask a question...†Hayai said shakily, wondering what he had gotten himself into by telling this to Botsuzen.

“Uchiha? You...can’t be seriously thinking of approaching him!†Botsuzen replied challenging Hayai’s words.

Hayai thought for a few moments about the last time he saw his brothers face, and with a newfound determination decided to call Botsuzen out on his words of promise.

“You...you said I could see any prisoner I wanted!†Hayai exclaimed and glared at Botsuzen with eyes of determination.

“I...didn’t know you were going to say you wanted to see Uchiha...but...if that’s what you really want.†Botsuzen came back pleasantly, yet at the same time with a hint of fright in his voice.

They began to walk through the Prison District main building, all manor of villains staring at them with eyes that reflected no fear of murdering. After all, these men were the most monstrous mass murderers, and thieves... truly ninja with no regard for any ninja tenants anywhere. Hayai became afraid and Botsuzen saw this, and wondered what would become of Hayai if he was allowed to see Uchiha Sasuke. But Botsuzen knew determination when he saw it, and faintly hidden behind this boys fear was a glint of true courage. He made up his mind and continued towards the cursed man’s prison cell.

“By god...†Hayai quietly spoke when they approached what appeared to be a large sphere of a black translucent material. It had five colossal triangular shaped generators, that were generating a meshwork system of chakra flowing all around the sphere itself. Each were evenly spaced across the surface and were connected by large chakra charged poles, which seemed to be holding the whole structure together. There, in the center of the dome, was a figure sitting in a chair. A faint silhouette of the alienated Uchiha.
As Hayai stepped forward a bit, his foot scraped on the ground ever so slightly. At this, the head of the chilling silhouette snapped up like a snake striking its prey. Eyes glinted...yellow. Though Hayai had always thought the Sharingan of the Uchiha’s was red. They began to swirl in circles and change rapidly through the color spectrum. Hayai felt himself being drawn to the sphere, like he could go past it...strait to the man on the other side. The swirling eyes became larger and larger, getting closer and closer...
Hayai felt as if he were gone.

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