are gay lil mutants.
me and my friend are playing co-op on halo.
my first tiem on this level.
im standign around looking around.
then he says look behind you i do.
and i get a bunch of these damn lil quids jumping at me.
andother incounter with them,
im gettin swarmed again cause my so called buddy is running ahead makin all the aliens attack me,
well yea,
so i chuck a grenade and it sticks to one of them and then the lil bugger jumps on me and blows up.
i died.
another encounter with these mutants.
well going down this tunnel thing im gettign the shit beating outa me,
then a big fat ass mutant coems running up i shoot it explodes.
i died. again.
well then i find out th eother carry guns.
no my friend doesnt warn me enough about this game.
well they come runnign aroudn corners shooting at me.
i die. again.....
by this time im getting really pissed.
cause im a sore loser like that.
cause durign all this he thinks its funny to run me over with a warthog.
make me fall through glass.
make me jump down the elvevator.
and beat me over the head wiht his gun.
but yes i was bored and wanted to tell you my experience of co-op on halo.