Hey guys i know it's been a long time sencs I've stoped by and i just wanted to being you all up to news so here you go.

Well this has been a long week for me... but in some views not long enough i got to see my boyfriend ANTX81 (Anthony) from last Friday the 20th to the 23rd and then i was a a Corvair convention (it's were a lot of people with this typ of car that Chevrolet made gets to gatherer and shows off there car and or sells parts to others so there car can look nicer) its something that my family and i do most every year. That was nice but i couldn't really enjoy it because i missed Anthony to much to really get in to it you know how some of those things. not saying that i didn't have a fun time at the convention. I did but i just wished the whole time that he was still here in MI with me there was so much to do and not nearly enough time to do it all. But there is more to this story my parents really seamed to like him and his family (yeah his mom and dad came along to) i really liked them too i miss the all so much i really upset the PA has to be so damned far away from MI. i need to up lode some pix of Anthony and I to show all of you guys because in my thoughts we look really good to gather and i my heart and mind we're going to be with each other for a really long time to come we're just made for each other. But before that, Anthony and his mom and dad where here for my 17th birthday. well i got three notebooks/journals for me to write in (I'm a writer so that comes in handy). i got more stuff from my family but i want to tell you guys the sweetie thing Anthony made me this really cute teddy bear that has his voice telling me he loves me when i push it's paw! it's so adorable. he also gave me his favorite hoodie so now i wear it every day. Everyone thinks I'm crazy but it's just because it means so much to me (it's like what more do you want me to do?) And his mom and dad got me dark chocolate from my favorite place Ghirardelli (Oh My God so damned good if you never had it you have to try it and i mean now!)