Kicked so much ass.

Streetlight Manifesto put on an awesome show. And they just finish recording a new album, so they played a new song, which kicked ass. The only bad thing that happened during Streetlight's set was, I lost a shoe and someone took my hat. But overall, totally awesome.

Then Less Than Jake played. They did this thing where, they called up three people and did this Price is Right-type thing. Two of the kids picked part of their set list and the one who lost got a ticket to an Angels game that was last week. It was cool but, I just wanted to hear them play.

Reel Big Fish was also awesome. That's all I really have to say about them.

Though one last thing.

The Streetlight merch booth-thing had this line, because they had to wait for their shirts and stuff. And this one kid was just freaking out at this fact and yelling at a lot of people who were ahead of him in line. I turned around and said "Dude, chill out. You're just looking like an asshole." Which prompted him to yell at me. Whatever dude.