As the summer comes to a close everyone should be partying as much a possible with all the lakes,fireworks, and things to light on fire, but dieing isn’t good but it is funny when you get close to prove this how about a story. Whale up in Iowa the most boring state ever my friends and I had acquired a LARGE amount of fireworks and by large I mean enough to make Andy look like a firecracker!! so we have them all stored in a shed with a boat and a car and one of my friends finds a fuse less smoke grenade no for those people who don’t like fire that means you pull a string and it ignites its self. After pulling the string my friend throws it at me. Now it doesn’t hit me and lands behind me next to all o the fireworks. So for 2 seconds nothing happens till a 6 inch long flame of sparks shoots out the end into the fireworks. Now a choice had to be made either kick the smoke grenade or save everyone or the much cooler sounding idea of just watching what happens as things explode. Unfortunately I had to kick it but hey it was fun.

So let that be a lesson if you almost die keep having fun