Yes, there is now a bountiful supply of blue sky about today - it is more awesome. Unless you're living in another part of Europe and/or America, you might not be aware about the woeful summer we've been having here in Ireland. :o(
But alas, just as we were thinking that the summer was a real bum deal this year, out pops the sun yesterday (and today) and it makes it all worthwhile.
Although, I don't think it's worth walking around in motorbike boots in our glorious capital city with a motorbike jacket (with winter liner) and a rucksack. One word: Blisters. Seems as if my heels and that rough part behind the toes are the worst affected.
Driving was fun today (in the cage, I mean the car). Just amazed that I got in in 20 mins in heavy traffic on our most glorious invention (cue heavy sarcasm) the moving carpark called the M50.
Anyways, as long as my motorbike gets working again soon (read: before the weekend), I'll be happy not to dole out some vicious hateful act on this poor defenseles doe. (And no, no "spider-pigs" allowed).