So... I here you ask what movies and books have i been delving into recently?
You didn't ask?
Ok I'm gonna fill you in anyway.

Well a couple of months back I got into reading all of Laurell K Hamilton's Merry Gentry series of books which are like erotic fairy fantasy stories. They're wicked.

Then in July I started running the book group at work our first book was 'The Book of Lost Things' by John Connolly which is a reworking of various fairy tales, a tale of a boy growing up during WWII who is lured into a forest full of werewolves and communist dwarves and its really cool though the end seemed a little rushed.

Next up was 'Suite Francaise' by Irene Nemirovsky, set (and written) during the French Occupation it tells the lives of all classes of French people leaving Paris and their relationship with the Germans and gives the German side. This was good though not great for me.

'The Crimson Petal and the White' by Michel Faber was an amazing story of a prostitute in Victorian London who works her way up the ladder of society and is just full of amazing characters and wonderful depiction of London.

I've just finished 'The End of Mr Y' by Scarlett Thomas, which was not what I expected, its about a student who finds a rare book in a second hand bookshop which may or may not be cursed, its full of philosophy which waffles a little too much but once it gets going, the fantastical almost matrix like world she enters is very compelling and quite cool.

Today I started 'Gods Behaving Badly' by Marie Phillips which is very amusing so far, about most of the main Greek Gods living in a crummy North London house, with quite a bit of incest going on between Apollo and Aphrodite and Apollo turning mortals into trees for not giving him sexual favours. Hehehe.

As for movies. I saw Die Hard 4.0 which was soooo awesome. It rocked so much. Serously, suspend your belief and go see it.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was really good.
And I've seen Transformers twice I loved it so much. Wanna see it again.

Looking forward to Bourne Ultimatum and fancy seeing Rush Hour 3 too, lol.

Ummm so yeah thats my books and movies update. And yes I've had my hair cut quite short u might have noticed.

Hope you're all good, thanku for my comments!!