Glory of glories!

I have finally figure out how to directly link the chip from my phone to my computer, allowing me to download photos very easily. This should motivate me to take more photographs.

I should also note I am looking at purchasing a Digital Rebel xTI. oooooooh!

anyhow, on to the photos promised.

I work at a hardware store where I spend most of my days driving a forklift and fixing all the stuff that breaks in the store.

However, once a year our store holds a "safety day" where they bring in the race cars of #15 Paul Menard (who sucks at driving) and also invite the fire department, the lifeline helicopter, and other stuff to make this mini carnival/fair feel in the employee section of the parking lot. (this makes many team members angry)

That morning my boss and I were called out front to participate in helping set up. First we built several huge awnings, but then we got the ultimate project.
The Fire department brings all sorts of equipment and fire trucks (they always refer to them as "the apparatus") to display, including the rescue truck.
We were then instructed to smash up two cars brought along by the fire department so that they could do a demonstration on how to use the jaws of life to get people out of totaled cars.

My boss and I tagged teamed on the cars, and here were the results:




We flipped the cars, we ran into the cars, we picked the cars up and dropped them, but the most effective way to damage a car is to sandwich it between two forklifts going at top speed backwards. The firemen said that those two cars were the worst looking wrecks they had ever seen, and several people who saw them asked if those who wrecked the cars made it out alive

The best part is that I got paid extra because it was a Saturday to play demolition derby.
I don't think I will ever have a better day at work in my life.