It is now Monday 4:12am Australian Western Standard time.

Since Thursday 9:30am I have had a grand total of 11 hours sleep. Almost none of which was in the last 48 hours.

And during that period, I was constantly at uni except for one two hour block.

Now I need to drive my dad to the airport, then I'll probably be heading back to uni.

More details to follow, soonish.

Promised Edit {4:55pm}: I am helping out for an event run by the University of Western Australia known as Prosh. Basically we make a newspaper which parodies the less than amazing state newspaper and then a couple of hundred uni students dress up and go sell them for charity.

The entire 24 page paper was written over that weekend, and was sent off to the publisher a couple of hours after this original post and a couple of hours before the deadline.

Any costume suggestions?