So I went out and bought a Wii last week. Had to order one online because nobody had one locally. So far I just have Zelda and Wii sports. Haven't tried sports yet because I have a small room. Tried Zelda but I can't figure out where to go, it sucks. The main reason I bought the system was for the older games. never played Ocarina of Time and I wanted to. Played that last weekend along with Super Mario World. Then this past week I've been all Potter crazed. Reread the seventh book and watched all five movies. I read book six a month or so ago right before the book seven release so I'm good on that one. I've really been into fantasy lately, not sure why. Listening to Rhapsody right now, should really listen to them more often. Picked up a new book that a guy from work was telling me about. It's from the Forgotten Realms series. Twilight Falling, book one of the Erevis trilogy. Dark magic and wizards and such. If I like it the Forgotten Realms series is huge. Lots of books to choose from.

Went to play Oblivion last night and it looks like my files got corrupted. It wasn't seeing the downloaded content for my old profile. Tried downloading it again and no luck. It works on my new profile though. Sucks, I have to start over. Didn't have anything left to do on that character anyway, but I still liked having it. Was going to make a new one today but ended up playing the new BioShock demo. That game looks bad ass! It had a bit of the crazed carnival feel that Time Splitters 2 had. Then I played some Halo 2 with a guy from work for a bit. The first couple rounds were a lot of fun. Then it went downhill with one CTF after another. Moved onto the Darkness after he left, been meaning to get back to that game. Had fun with that for a while. Then went out and looked at tvs with the same guy from work. Went to a few places looking at tvs and books and talking about computers. Not a bad day. I might be going back home next month, we’ll see how that turns out. I think that’s about it from me. How’s life out there in internetland?