yes well I've been workin hard, still have no new computer. My life is fail thus far. Broke up with my gf of 3 years because i cheated on her with two girls in one night. Who knew i was such a pimp? Anywho she didnt wanna break up so i got back with her. Hmmmm what else school starts on Wednesday so happy happy joy joy. Sooo anyways
<3 Laura
<3 V
<3 Lacey
No hearts for the rest of you fuckers im not a fag

Edit: I also just realized that in my....hmm how many years has RVB been here? Anyways in however long its been I havnt made any new friends... just the same boring lot of you... I need to be more social i guess.
Oh and ya'll arent all boring, just james and caleb andum that other guy oh yeah eric....