God damn birds... Not only have the been responsible for the pecking of numerous inocent victims, but they've also managed to peck their way into my head as a clever replacement for the word "Hallows".

So I finshed the 7th and final book in the Grungy Dishpan series. Contrary to what I had heard from at least 24,999,999 other fans, J.K Rowling really didn't go all Shakesphere on the characters. Just a few of 'em. Some of which, I really didn't care much for. "Oh no! You killed the valet attendend I met at a retro dress-up party!" She also killed off a few characters that seemed to have a lot to loose in dying, which plucked a few heartstrings (in my harpsecord of manliness!). Overall, it was fun read - unexpected plot structure, but with the obvious outcome (Voldemort had to die - Albino was so 1994).

Although in the end it lacked what I find is the tell tale sign of an excellent book - it didn't leave me wanting more. It did leave me thoughtful and dreamy though smiley1.gif