So yes to all of you who are like "WTH? I thought you dropped out." I have returned to college. I suddenly remembered why I dropped out though, I hate it...
I was talking to some random guy and this is ow it went.
First day of the semester.
Guy " So this your first day?"
Me " Its everyones first day cock ass"
Guy " Well yeah but I mean is this your first time at FMU?"
Me "Nope"
Guy" Yeah you can always tell if your a freshman"
Me " Oh yeah hows that? Are they the ones walking up to someone and trying to strike up a convo?"
Guy" No they're all just little kids"
Me " ORLY? And how old are you?"
Guy " 19"
Me " Hmmmm Im 21...... and a freshman"
Guy " reall can you buy me beer?!?!?"
Me " Go kill yourself" *walks away*

True story..... I hate college...again...