DUDES!!!! I just found one of the most FREAKIN SWEET bands EVER! There a combination of Metal, Rock, Beer, and Comedy!!!!! Their name is PsychoStick! I swear, Ive laughed harder listening to there songs than watching Comedy Central! Here are some of the names of the songs:
Prozack Milkshake(This ones making fun of all those emo bands!)
In a Band To Get Chicks!
Fake My Own Death And Go Platnum
I Hate Doing Laundery!
Two Ton Paperweight(Hes talking about his car.... Which he hates....Alot....)
And the name of this freakin sweet album? We Couldnt Think Of A Title. I kid you not.

These guys are freakin insane! An the album art is sweet too!
And also, listen to Fake my Own Death And Go Platnum all the way through.... It has all of their outtakes at the end of the song.... Which mostly means its just them annoing each other....
But in all seriously, check these guys out!
(Oh, an if anyone knows any really cheap web hosters, Im trying to get a web comic started, and thats my only real prob so far....)