Okay. I'm sleeping in my nice comfy bed, dreaming that I'm off in la-la land with Matt Tuck in the mountains somewhere, when the next thing I know I'm bolting upright and hitting my head on the top of the next bunk, because the goddamn tornado sirens wake me up. This is the second night in a row that storms have woken me up at this hour. What the hell? Why can't this be like...later in the morning? Like at 9, when the rest of the civilized world is AWAKE?! God...I'm gonna be up for a while...this storm is gonna be loud, have a lot of hail, and have winds the speed of the standard interstate speed limit. So yeah...I might go back to bed and just lay there with my eyes closed (my eyes really hurt right now from keeping them open and staring at a bright screen)...I dunno. This is just stupid. And I don't get how my brother, sister, and mom can sleep through all of this. My other brother, Scott, is up too. I heard him last night shutting windows upstairs while I was shutting windows downstairs. He's up right now with the TV on. Yeah, like the weatherman is gonna be up at this hour. TV-13 Sunrise and WQOW-18 Daybreak doesn't start for another freaking hour yet. Ugh.

EDIT, 5 MINUTES LATER: I lied. Leeann Lombardo is actually up and gave us a weather bulletin. We're just gonna get clipped by the storms, so we won't get much. Ugh.

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