were i not banned...

"so its 5 in the morning and im on the computer. because my dads awake, and until he leaves, i cant go back to bed. because my girlfriend is there, and my story is she fell asleep there and i didnt want to wake her. cause she was supposed to sleep in the spare room, cause they dont know shes my grilfriend... cause if they knew that, she wouldnt be able to stay over again... im happy. happy for the first time in months. true happiness, this is happiness i havent felt in years... i dont know if ive ever felt this happy. just wanted to share this with the guys i trust."

so yeah, im now happy. expect a difference, my friends have already noticed it. bastards.

charlie i have learned from this, and given the other thing, yeah, ill change..

thanks for the support from the family. File does not exist.

goodnight guys.