Ok, I got home and the lawn police hadn't come and ticketed me. I figured GREAT! I have an extension! I'll finish the lawn!

I haul out the lawn mower and fire it up. White smoke billows out the exhaust. Hmm. That seems like a bad thing. It keeps doing it for several minutes, so I go ask Eric if that's bad. He says it's not good and to leave it off for a while. Something about the way I stored it in the shed (heh) flooded it? Meh, whatever.

So, I decide that this would be a good time to get out the weed eater. This isn't one of those crappy weed eaters with an electrical cord, this is a full on gas powered monster of a weed eater. I read the directions on the handle (they're mostly there...) and fire it up. It starts up with no problems! Wow! (I should have known this was a bad thing...)

I'm doing fine, eating up weeds left and right. Eric comes out with a bemused expression on his face and says that I don't have to run the thing at full throttle all the time, that that speed is only for heavy weeds.

Good to know. I get around the back of the house and look! There are lots of heavy weeds and a couple of vines right around the AC unit!

I have no doubt that you have guessed that one of those "vines" was also the power to the AC unit. Let me tell you, that weed eater wrapped that wire up and cut right the fuck through it. I jerked the weed eater out of the tangle and watch sadly as the fan in the unit slooooowwwwssss to a stop. Fuck.

So I finish that side of the place and go fire up the lawn mower. At that point, I was hoping against hope that the unit shut down because it was cycling off or something. I choke through the clouds of smoke and finish the yard, formulating all sorts of improbable scenarios where that power line getting cut is not my fault, or at least is somewhat less of a dumb fuck action.

The yard looks better, I get the lawn mower and weed eater back in the shed and go in the house. Eric is about to take a nap before going to work (he's on nights right now) and I say those words all husbands dread. "I did something that might make you mad..." He didn't even flinch when I told him. Oh, he was pissed, but he didn't yell or say I was an idiot. I wish he had because it would have been a lot better to be mad at him rather than feel like an idiot.

He tried to rewire it, but that didn't work. He was less than pleased, as you might imagine. Anyway, we got a bit of a break because it cooled off a lot and it was very close to comfortable in the bedroom with the fan on and the window open.

It's sort of an anti-climax because the next day I got someone out to fix if for the low, low price of $70. Also, he ran the fucking line through the steel fucking conduit where it fucking should have been in the first fucking place.

I did attempt to work from home on Tuesday. I didn't break anything, but one of my clients was less than impressed with the dogs barking when the AC guy showed up. Very very unimpressed... Hell, if I hadn't been helping he'd have had to wait until Friday to be pissed that the setup wasn't as easy as he thought it should be.

So Wednesday has gone by with little to no problems. We had steak and potatoes for our Google lunch today. I had hot dogs for dinner. The dogs are happy, it's nicely cool in the house and there's only an hour and a half before a full day has gone by without sucking! I'm almost afraid to walk them tonight...