Another quality show cancelled before its time. How is it that shows like Law and Order can keep sucking ass for so long in so many different incarnations and shows like Firefly, Futurama, and Farscape bite the dust. Yeah, I know, the alliterative sci-fi pattern was kinda odd, but those are the first three shows that come to mind when I think of the words "Cancelled before their time." In any case the miniseries was pretty sweet. It tied everything up nicely and kicked some serious ass while it was doing it. As I said on the boards, I kept thinking, maybe Dargo will make it. They can save him. Watch, he's gonna show up out of nowhere and surprise the hell out of everyone. Then the planet he was on got ripped to molecules by the wormhole and I was like "Oh, nevermind then." Very sad.
I knew Crichton would make it, although I think it would have been a pretty sweet ending if the peacekeepers and scarans had refused to make peace and the universe was destroyed. No better way to end a series than everyone dying. I refer you to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series if you require proof.