I'm rather disappointed. Chef Brian wasn't his usual random self in his most recent two appearances. Search 'Chef' if the link doesn't bring them up automatically. In other news, I have a four day weekend. While I should be going to the beach, I say fuck it. No fun by myself. So instead I play video games in the dark away from the sun. May it burn itself out. Bought Metroid Prime Corruption. The controls are awesome! Never played a metroid game before so I’m kinda lost with the story, but it’s cool. I just shoot anything that moves. Still never finished the Darkness, such a good game, just never got around to it. That and Kameo, and Lost Planet, NFS Carbon, FEAR, Gears of War, Dead Rising… damn, I have a bad track record for finishing games. I beat Oblivion several times over though, so that has to count for something. Haven’t played it in a while though… need to. Such a gorgeous game. Been playing Twilight Princess, Zelda games are so awesome. Only ever played the older ones, nice playing a new one. Downloaded Ocarina of Time, but again, never finished it. Warcraft has been sitting on the shelf for a while, played it today for oh twelve hours or so… leveled twice(woot!) but now I won’t touch it for a month. Or maybe a few days. It depends. Finally ordered Halo 3, it was the mountain dew add that did it. I’m looking more forward to that than the game, it’s sad. Also preorded Doctor Who season 3 woot! Been watching Eureka season 2, it’s alright. Nice to have something to watch every week. Waiting for Atlantis to start back up with season 4. Also, saw an add for Torchwood on BBC America, hopefully that means the DVDs will soon follow. The series wasn’t the best, but I still like it for its connection to the Doctor. Going back to Texas in a few weeks for my Dad’s Chief pinning. He got promoted, finally. He’s been working for this one for a while. Now that he’s got it he also got new orders. The family will be moving to Tennessee in a few months. Never lived there, driven through a few times though. Should be interesting. They’re excited about it. Me too, and I’m not even moving! Strange… in other news, the Marines are gay. Well, at least they’re welcoming policy to NAS Pensacola is. Megan is finally done with all her killer training and though she denies it I know she knows how to kill someone with just her thumb. Anyway, she’s in purgatory for a month. Then she’s free to wander the base and scare the Air Force people. Congrats to her for getting through basic and combat alike. Oh, that reminds me. As of yesterday, well, hm… hours… let me think. About 39 hours ago, and last year, I was just getting to boot camp. So now I’ve been in a whole year. Kinda sad, went by really fast. Watched the first two seasons of Red vs Blue last night, good stuff. Been a while. Need to watch the other three before the weekend is up. Yes, I have the DVDs. Blame nasafreak? Really Steve, I swear, the dumb bear taunted me. He started it and I just made sure I finished it. That furry fuck is smoldering somewhere, ha! Went to buy BioShock last weekend when it was in stock everywhere, but I was really not in the mood for it. So after a week of hearing only good things about it I thought I would get it. Both the NEX, AAFES, and Gamestop were out. I could have tried a dozen other places, but I Just happened to be at all those other places already. They were out, so I’ll get it later. I picked up Metroid 3 at Gamestop. See how I brought that all the way back around. Crazy. Normally, I reorder these and break them into paragraphs. One would probably be about the military, and the other would be about games, with maybe a short third one on life in general. But I think I’ll leave it as is for once. More fun that way.