Yes, I'm still alive. School hasn't killed me....not yet anyways. And after only a week, I already predict this year will suck. Especially with football. 3 hours. 100 fucking degrees. Goddamn I hate living in Texas. :P Anyways, I won't be able to get on much, now that school's started. Eighth grade really wasn't as cool as I thought it was last year. Oh well. At least I get to pick on the seventh graders now. :D But anyways, I'm going to try to get on at least once a week, but I doubt it will happen. The gift of Xbox Live has distracted me so. In other news, I'm officially addicted to MCR. My friend got me into them over the summer, and they've been one of my fav bands since. So far my favorite songs are "Famous Last Words", "Welcome to the Black Parade", and "Teenagers." Anyone got any other songs I should really listen to?

In real important news, Halo 3 is only 3 weeks away! :D

Peace Out Pimpin,