Since I was too out of it to post a journal or two in the past few days, I guess I'll play some catch-up. I started school on Tuesday, that was a real suckfest and a half. My whole day just sucks. I don't like any of my classes AT ALL. Here's my schedule:

1st hour: Band
2nd hour: Studyhall
3rd hour: Speech
4th hour: American Civics
5th hour: Applied Communications
6th hour: Consumer Math
7th - 8th hour: Consumer Auto I

At least all my classes are easy...but I hate them all. I know I should be like, more excited and stuff over the fact that I'm a senior and this is my last year but...I really don't care. All I want is to get the fuck out of there as soon as possible. I'm gonna go now...I'm gonna finish watching my movie...

Current Mood: melancholy
Currently Listening To: TV...watching North Country.