exactly what it would feel like... . to have a defibrillator used on me... .

Someone make me go into cardiac arrest.. i'm curious.


And other than morbid curiosity.. here's a very brief update on the world of Jackie:

I keep tearing down friendships right and left.. but my tolerance for stupidity and inconsideration has gone down drastically in the past couple of weeks..

in about a week and a half, i'll be going to my boss' wedding.. . my boss is pretty neat, but for some reason -- it just feels odd to be going to his wedding.. . The next day is the baby shower for the pregnant friend of mine whose child i made the quilt for.. . That should be entertaining.. .

My current roommate has pretty well reaffirmed the idea that i should not live with other people. .....or cats.

As for art-related stuffs.. my friend, Erin, and i are working on a film about Dinosaurs.. [which means we will get to build a giant T-Rex foot out of papier mache that will be about 5 or 6 feet high].. and my best-friend-guy is bringing me his new drumset piece by piece to draw on.. .


...And how was Your day, darling?