Just a little word of advice...People...Slow down on the Journals and images!
I can only do so much before I start getting pissed

*sigh* ok, that's all I had to say bout that.

Sorry if I'm not active in 3 - 4 day time span. I'm really busy and barely got any time to go on this and on DA.
I've been so busy lately, because
1. I took a Vacation during the 1 month time span I was gone and went to Barcelona. Catalonia, Spain. It lasted for...at least...3 weeks maybe?

The Trip to Barcelona wasn't really a Vacation. I had to meet my Cousin, Eben.
He's 24 years old, and He entered the University Of Barcelona.
So...My aunt made me go visit him, it was either that or I have to try her new recipe
and trust me eating her food is like eating 3 week old bland food.

While Visiting Eben, He Introduced me to a band called 'Lake Of Tears'
They're Pretty good, well to my Tastes.
I'm going to save ya the trouble in looking who they are and give ya the link.

On to Another Topic....What was I going to say?