Oh wow. I've been so off-track with these journals. Goddamn school XD

School so far has been a total fest of suckiness. All of my classes couldn't be anymore boring. Even Consumer Auto has been boring, because all we've been doing is sitting in the classroom and having Bella lecture us, and we've had like no time out in the shop at all. Consumer Math is boring, even though it's a hell of a lot easier than like algebra or something. Consumer Math is nice because it teaches real-life math skills, which I will use later on in life, unlike algebra. Applied Communications is blah, but it's a lot better than English...and the rest of my classes I have nothing to say about.

Fuckbucket. I have to march in the Fall Festival parade in downtown Eau Claire tomorrow. Fun.

Damn...I have not much else to say...nothing really exciting has been happening...'cept Jerry bought a new PS3. I don't really care for it. Kind of a stupid buy if you ask me. What he should have done was buy a 360 and all the Halo games, and then buy the 3rd one on the 25th. Well, at least this thing gives me something to do. I've been playing lots of Guitar Hero, and my hand's really sore XD I better stop before I get me a nasty case of carpal tunnel.

I went home sick from school today...I actually didn't want to leave, my mom kinda made me XD She came to tell us the results of that court date thing with my dad this morning, and she noticed that I wasn't feeling well, and she felt that I had a fever so she took me home. Well, after going out to the orchard to buy apples, go to Fall Creek Portrait Design (where I got my senior pictures done) so she could see the junkyard pictures that she never got to see (when the book with all my pictures comes, I'll scan the pages so you can see them, and once the actual pictures come I'll scan those and put them up), and go grocery shopping for a few things. I just got done making my apple pie for the potluck that's happening over at my friend Mike's house later...which reminds me, I need to call Austin and see when that is...ciao.

Oh, by the way, here's the new guitar I'm for sure getting (Ibanez GRX20):
Here's all the specs and the price and stuff

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