For starters we got 12 oysters with fresh lime juice and pepper, and a fresh cob of bread with homus, a chargrilled vegitable, and a taziki dip.
For the main course we got a pizza with roast lamb, sweet potato, char grilled zuchini, and carmalized beetroot, and ongion.
then we got the Anti-pasto,
One plate held cheese: it had a mild goat fetta, a camembert, a blue vein, a swis, and a marinated cheese in fresh herbs, and on the side it had oisters and fresh salmon.
The second plate held artichoke hearts, char grilled zuchini, semi sundried tomato's, honey ham, and slices of felino salami. And black and stuffed green marinated olives.
And for desert we had creme brule.

It cost a months rent... luckily my homeopath picked up the bill.