but some things make me laugh.... .

[by the way, i run the office of a delivery company]

[20:43] ad_713: See -- what ha' happened was..
[20:44] ad_713: I gave Asa that super easy Rosettas order to Elizabeth place [it's Maybe 2 or 3 blocks away].. and we were joking when i gave it to him.. i told him it was a super easy order and he's like "i'm munnah fuck it up somehow"..
[20:45] ad_713: Yeah..
[20:45] ad_713: He locked his keys and his cell phone in his car..
[20:45] robert_elzey2012: thats awesome
[20:45] robert_elzey2012: haahha
[20:46] ad_713: haha.. i know.. and what's even better is that it's not even His car.. it's his girlfriend's car.. and she has a spare key, but since he has her car.. she can't bring it to him..
[20:46] robert_elzey2012: it keeps getting better
[20:46] robert_elzey2012: i locked myself out of the car friday when i was at the DMV...but ive learned from my mistakes...i keep a spare in the wallet
[20:47] ad_713: if it was his truck, there's a spare key in his tool box..
[20:47] robert_elzey2012: nice
[20:49] ad_713: what else makes me giggle is that i'm sure Kate [his girlfriend] has access to his truck at the moment.. but she's a woman.. so i doubt she can drive a stick


i was right about that last part.