I now have an @google.com email address and NO I'm not telling you what it is!

It's starting to feel official now :)

One of the perks that's super cool is they allow us to purchase up to 3 items totaling up to $150 from the Google store for free! I'll be lounging in my cube on my shiny new Google bean bag chair by this time next week (I hope - it's standard shipping, but I'm sure not complaining!) I also picked up a sweet backpack and this potentially cool navigator device for 3D apps. It's not listed on the normal site and I can't remember what it's called, but it sounded too cool to pass up, especially for free.

And, since we also get half off on everything at the Google store, I bought two baseball caps. I wear caps all the time at work because I hate overhead lighting and I'm too lazy to do anything with my hair in the morning. Now I have official sanction to wear them - pre-Google, the caps were frowned on except on Friday, but I sort of ignored that little rule since it wasn't written. Yeppers, it's blue jeans or shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes and ball caps for me from now on!

My entire wardrobe should consist of Google and Rooster Teeth gear by the end of the year, heh. I might throw in some shits from Jinx and Think Geek, too.

Also, we found out that we have off the 24th, 25th and 26th at Christmas, and then off on the 31st and 1st at New Years. With the weekends, I'll only be working 2 days that week.

And jeezus, the stuff that's on Google's Intranet... my gawd it will take me YEARS to read through it all! Can't share that, either, for obvious reasons - mainly because I haven't got a grip on what's private and what's public. I'll still talk about how cool it is, what I do and what's for lunch, but don't expect any secrets. I love my job too much smiley8.gif