We shuffle onto the Tin Dragon,
We are all mad for doing this,
We few; we crazy; we excited few,
“Sit down†yells the load master pressing the button that
Closes the back of our tin host, and seals us into our fate.

Rise and climb into the black velvet sky my Tin Dragon
"10 MINUTES" I yell into the void
It is echoed back at me by exhilarated voices in the dark.

"Get READY" I yell again just to see if anyone is really there.
This time there is no echo.

Level out oh, tin bird of the night, and though your wings do not flap you still fly true.

"STAND UP" now I'm sure that only I can hear my voice.
The darkness stirs and like stars appearing in the sky one by one I see the glow
Of wild excited eyes.
"HOOK UP" I want to see the void come to life, and with this command it does,
I am master of the darkness.

I move to the Dragon’s tail and look to my escape, I clear the doorway and prepare to let loose the darkness into the velvet cloak of night.

Now I stand in the portal to another world the void to my back to my front the rushing wind and the earth a half-mile below. I look to the night and the tin wing of my Dragon host and am… at peace. My fear has left me with the rushing wind. I am one with the adventure.

A hard tap on my shoulder jerks me out of my trance and I am once more face to face with the wild eyes of madness. A single boney digit is thrust into my face and I nod in agreement.

"ONE MINUTE" I tell really only to myself, though the resulting echo is discomforting

Again I look to the door where I'm most happy and long to enter it again, yet another tap pulls me back into the Dragon. I nod in agreement.

"30 SECONDS" Now I can see that the void has come to full life and the glowing eyes of madness are now brighter than ever. Their glow now illuminating their faces and the painted joker smile is on all of them.

"STAND BY" the first madman steps into my portal and awaits my releasing command.

My tin Dragon tells me it’s time for us to depart until we meet again.

"GO" I command the joker of the void to embrace the night, as the Tin Dragon expels them one by one. Once they are all gone I look to Tin Dragon once more a pray a silent prayer that I can be inside her once again, and then I fall into the night.

The air is sweet and cool and surrounds me like a familiar lover, cradling me in her arms and rocks me gently until I land back into the hard reality.