So, I got new thing today - free, courtesy of Google. I think I mentioned the free gifts for Nooglers the other day...

Anyway, it's called a SpaceNavigator by 3D Connexion. I got it with my free gift thing because I knew I'd never actually pay money for something that has limited use and that would probably end up with the long list of other gadgets I've gotten and used twice.

This thing just rocks. First off, it weighs a small ton. You could probably kill someone with it if you threw it at their head. Seriously, even if I decide it is useless (and so far it's really neat), it will make an awesome paperweight or door stop.

Second, it works to navigate in Google Earth. I thought it would be a little difficult to learn - you use it with your left hand in conjunction with your mouse. It was freakishly easy to get used to. And did I mention it's heavy? It's heavy because you zoom in by pushing down and zoom out by pulling up.

Third, it just looks cool. I has blue LEDs. It's black and silver.

I plan on screwing around with it using SketchUp and Photoshop CS. I think using with the mouse in Photoshop will just fucking rock. I like to remove power lines and crap like that from my photos, so I do a whole lot of zooming, dragging the image around and what not. I strongly suspect that it will be awesome. I now have incentive to hook up my PC!

I also got my cool Google backpack and beanbag. It's funny because the backpack is made by the same company that made our Postini laptop bags. The backpack and bag have the same colors and material, the primary difference is one has Postini and the other has Google stitched on it. I love it!