5 Days 0 Hrs 57 mins and 10 secs here until Halo 3 Comes out for all of us.

September 25th... Finish the Fight!

"don't make a girl a promise.... if you know you can't keep it"

"Master Chief. Do you mind telling me what your doing on that ship?"

" Sir... Finishing This Fight!"

First It Started from Halo, The Flood, destroying Halo, and Coming back to Cairo Station just find more Covenant ass to kick.

But In Halo 3 This Fight will finally Finish.

So many dreams are broken and so much we sacrifice
Was it worth the ones we loved and had to leave behind
So many years have past toward a noble land of lies.Will all our sins be justified?

5 Days Left For Halo 3
42 days till Halloween, 42 days to go. The fog glows yellow by the Jack-o-lanterns' firey light... 42 days to go!
Arrgh me hearties! Greetins from ye notorious Cap'n Jac, it be international talk like a pirate day today. Ye with me, or ye against me?

A-Fuckin-mazing Drawing of the Master Chief Spartan 117-John
Drawn By BlkBullet on DA
This is one of the many Pictures Eben sent me while I was at Barcelona.