So I'm sitting here in Texas. My dad pulled a few strings and I'm on TAD orders out here for five days(that way it doesn't count against my leave), then I'm on leave for another five. My dad if getting his Chief anchors pinned on Saturday, this is a big deal if you're Navy. Finishing all his induction/ initiation shit on Saturday as well. Been a stressfull past two months for the family. I'm glad I'm only here for the end of it. Picking my uncle up from the airport tomorrow night, he's only here for the weekend. But he still wanted to come out for it.

Brought my laptop with me. Played some Call of Duty 2 on the LAN today with my brothers. That was a blast. Haven't done that in a long time. Didn't bring my 360 but we still have the xbox and might play some Halo. I'm going to miss the Halo 3 release but I'm more upset about my Stargate Atlantis season 3 DVDs sitting in my mailbox this whole week. Forgot to check my box before I left on Tuesday and now it has to suffer. Finally bought BioShock. Shit is crazy fun. Finished the Darkness. Game was awesome! Been playing Oblivion a lot again lately. Guy at work was telling me how he got into again. Then I did too, and now he dropped it. Fucker. Hoping to catch Resident Evil 3 sometime in the next few days. Might have to wait until I get back to Hawaii though. Had more to put out but I can't remeber it right now. Oh well.