For the 2 of you that care. I disappeared for a little bit, but I had a good reason. We hired a new person at work, and when they got hired on, a couple weeks later we got introduced to a new policy. See, our bank has "extended hours" where we are open 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. and our lobby is only open from 9 to 5. The new policy said that anybody that was hired to work the extended hours couldn't do so by themselves for 90 days. So here I am, covering that shift for 2 weeks, when that policy gets dropped on us, and we have to set up a rotation. Blarg. So, not only have I been working more hours, but I've been having to work every other Saturday since the new person can't do that either. It's been a royal pain, but they decided to drop that policy for now, so we are back to normal.

I did have the pleasure of having this past weekend off, and to celebrate, my family went to Nashville to watch the Titans get beat up upon by the Colts. 'Twas an excellent game and ended up being much closer than what any of us expected. I took a buttload of pictures, which you can view at your leisure at: here! You'll see everything from football superstars, to F18 jets, to my ugly face, to my ugly face with a slight shade of red, to the elusive White Castle.

In other good news, I bought a new iPod. Mmmm...A new iPod Touch, yummy. It is so sleek and the interface is so smooth, I love the thing. I've got 1500 songs (quite a few at Lossless quality) and a whole season of Robot Chicken, and it's pretty well filled up. Watching YouTube on the go is fun, downloading music on the go is fun, but what I enjoy most is just surfing the web on it. It's so easy to get around the web. It rocks. I'm selling off my old 30 gig iPod if you may know someone interested. If not, I'll be putting it up on eBay this weekend. It has 0 scratches or blemishes on it, comes with a full body iSkin evo3 case, approximately 4 months left on the AppleCare, and the original box with original earbuds and usb cable.

But, that's all I've got for now, hopefully something exciting will happen today or this weekend and you'll get to hear about it. 'Til then, tata!