Resident Evil: Extinction

I went to the theater not really knowing what to expect of this film. I adore the first Resident Evil, and love Apocalypse, but I honestly didn't know how they were going to make Extinction work.
To my relief, I wound up very much enjoying this segment of the Resident Evil saga as well. I didn't find fault with the acting as many of the critics did, or with character development for that matter. Honestly this is first and foremost a kick ass zombie movie, and isn't required to be emotionally moving as some people seem to think it should be.
My only true complaint is that this movie didn't seem long enough. The climactic battle was ok, but could have been much better, and the "cliff-hanger" ending could have been translated into an additional half-hour to an hour of extra show time that could have neatly wrapped the whole thing up.
Alas!! It looks like I'll have to wait until Resident Evil 4 comes out.....if it ever does.

The Verdict:
If you liked the first 2 films, this one will feel like a natural addition to those. If you didn't like the first 2 films, chances are good this movie will do nothing for you then. Personally I can't wate to see it again!

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