One of the drivers at work and i were bored.. so we got a jigsaw puzzle... . . .


Seriously-- Where are those obviously gigantic wolves?! i mean.. the Earth And the moon are both already in the background.. and nevermind the mountain range that the wolves are big enough to stomp like a bug.

. . ....i really have no idea where they could be.. you know, other than on a cheesy shirt sold at a gas station in a tourist-trap town.

Oh.. and by the way.. it glows in the dark.

Later, we're going to glue it together then display it on the wall in the office. smiley0.gif


Regarding the missing piece:

[18:51] vain movement: Actually.. no.. i think the bookkeeper took it. In which case -- that is an idea, but i won't find it.
[18:51] CloudMX : Balls to that. :-(
[18:51] vain movement: i'll break her face
[18:52] CloudMX : With great fury!
[18:53] vain movement: and prejudice
[18:53] CloudMX : A sound plan.
[18:55] vain movement: indeed

disclaimer: some screen names have been changed to protect the angry