hmmm its been a really looong time since i logged in here. coming up on 2 years since my last blog. I guess the quite notable thing about this is that in my last update I said Serenity was a great date movie, well the girl whom I first saw the movie with is living with me and obviously we've been together a long time.

So Halo 3's out, wooo, beaten Heroic so far, i think its time to step up to Legendary Co-Op. Still collecting the skulls too.

Anyway, im not sure how many of my old friends on here would still have me on their watchlist, 2 years is a really long time. But I thought i'ld update incase some of you thought I was dead or something.

Oh and isn't Halo 3 kinda empty without it being the setting of another season of Red Vs Blue? Esp now they could all have different armor. Sure the bloodgutch chronicles is over, but lets see some new stories.