Here's the Joke of the Day

There were three samurai who boasted that their skills were the best in the land. One day, they decided to see who the best samurai is. The object of the contest was to kill something small, like a mosquito with your eyes closed.

The first samurai sat in a clearing with his eyes closed, listening for the sound of a mosquito. At that moment, a mosquito flew by. The samurai lashed out his sword and kill the mosquito in less than one second.

The second samurai did the same thing, he killed another moquito.

The third samurai sat down, closed his eyes, and waited for a mosquito to come by. When a mosquito came close to him, he swung his sword at the mosquito, but the mosquito lived and flew away.

The two other samurai laughed at the third one a said, "Why did you even compete? You couldn't even kill a tiny mosquito!"

The third samurai replied, "I didn't kill it because I felt sorry for it."

"Why?" the other asked.

"Because he won't be able to have any more children ever again."