So.....what does the accumulation of "awake" time have on the human body from 4 nights of insomnia? I don't really know, but I know how it has effected me smiley6.gif . Most of you know that I've been attempting to write a decent Science Fiction/Fantasy novel for quite some time now, and making very little progress I might add. Well as of 11pm last night, I've begun writing my 3rd story. This one may not actually be a real book, but it should be a good sized story. I'm not ready to reveal much about this 3rd story, much like I'm not keen on divulging info on my 2nd story. But I'll tell a few things.

Story 2:
The title is "The Pawns of Jericho."
It's a Survival/Horror story with character development (hopefully)
I have 1.5 chapters in rough draft format.

Story 3:
The title is "R-Evolution" (for now anyway).
It's a Science Fiction, character driven, possibly somewhat erotic story, oh and it has an anthromorphic wolf as the main character.
I have nearly 1 chapter written (this chapter is longer than the first chapter of the second story).

Aside from the unusual creativeness, I've also managed to get myself ICC Certified as well smiley0.gif . I'm just waiting on the written confirmation to be sent through the mail!

Supposedly the duplex is ready to be moved into, so I may or may not be moving out this weekend. As of yet I don't even know what the place looks like, so I may not actually want to move in when it's said and done......perhaps this has been adding to the insomnia.

I fear that with my mind divided into so many places that I won't be able to give any of my projects the due attention they deserve......I guess time will tell.

I've also managed to fall behind on my alerts, I'll try and catch up when I'm not so frazzled.