Yeah... So... It seems to me, that all you see, is violence in movies and sex on T.V. What happened to those good ol' fashion values on which we used to rely. We're lucky there's a family guy. Lucky theres a man who positively can do all the the things that makes us laugh and cry. He's our family guy. smiley0.gif

Seriously though, it seems that i have not updated in a long while so i think i shall now.

Went to an Underoath show a few days back. It was amazing.
Summary of said show goes as follows:

Advent played first, they were okay.

Then Maylene and the Sons of Disaster played. HOLY CRAP! they are amazing. Dallas Taylor is a GOD! He attacked their bassist once. He was trying to crawl onto his back but it was working out so instead he just mawled him. He was also very creative with his spit. He would spit into the air and then catch it in his mouth our attempt to. he was successful once or twice.

Then Every Time I Die played. The are amazing as well. The entire night the guitarist were on wireless hookups so they could do whatever they wanted... well the guitarist for Every Time I Die during the second song jumps out into the crowd. Guess where he lands... ON MY FACE! so i got a face full of ass on that. Then later the lead vocalist came down to the crowd and was singer down there and I got pushed i grabbed the first thing i could which just happen to be the lead vocalist for Every Time I Die. Then I was pulled back and guess what, I forgot to let go until it was too late. I unbutton his shirt but he blamed it on some girl that was in front of me and i went with it as did she.

Then it was the band that rules all other bands (with the exception of maylene ironically) UNDEROATH! not much to say about them. Just that fact that Spencer Chamberlin likes to spit into the crowd so i got spit on. A LOT! its cool though no one could tell that it was his spit cause i was covered in sweat.

So that was my past, here is my future that i know about.

October 16- I get the Super mega edition of the greatest movie of the year. TRANSFORMERS.

October 22- If i commit a crime after this date i go to big boy prison no can i be tried as a
minor crap. no i wont have that luxury anymore. I also am going to get Helio and move out of my house into my fiancees house.

November 9- Chiodos/ Scary Kids Scaring Kids/ Devil Wears a Prada show. Its going to be amazing.

November 29 or so- As I Lay Dying Show. Yet again, Its going to be amazing.

Sometime between late May and early August- I'm getting married to the love of my life.

Mid to late August- I go of to College to learn of the electronic engineering trade. After that not sure. Time will tell.

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